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Mega Millions: Washington

How To Claim

Winners of $100 million or more must claim at Headquarters in Olympia; winners of under $100 million can claim at any regional office.


Washington Lottery does not offer a subscription service.

Beneficiary Information

  • Education construction for K-12 and higher-education facilities
  • Stadium debt reduction for Qwest Field and Safeco Field
  • Strategic Economic Development Reserve Account
  • Problem gambling prevention & treatment
  • General fund

Retailer Bonus Structure

7% commission on all Mega Million sales and 6% commission on all other Draw Game and Scratch ticket sales; retailers who sell jackpot-winning tickets are paid a $50,000 bonus; retailers who sell second-tier winning tickets receive a $2,500 selling bonus.

Tax Information

No state income tax
25% federal tax

Fun Facts

  • The store that sold Washington’s first Mega Millions jackpot-winning ticket, Swanson’s Market, reports customers often drive an hour out of their way to buy tickets at Swanson’s because they believe it is a lucky store.
  • Those first jackpot winners, Pat and Dick Warren, have donated heavily to charities after winning $93 million with Mega Millions.
  • Washington’s second jackpot winners were from Laos and the wife was raised in an orphanage and later adopted in the US. They intended to use a portion of their winnings to return to Laos to search for the wife’s parents.

Contact Information

Web Site: http://www.walottery.com
Email: director’s_office@walottery.com
Address: 814 Fourth Ave. E
Olympia, Washington 98506
Phone Numbers: 1-360-664-4720 (Customer Service)
1-800-545-7510 (Winning Numbers Line)
1-360-753-1412 (Winning Numbers Line)

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