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Mega Millions: Montana

Draw Stations

Not Available

How To Claim

  1. Immediately sign the back of your ticket in the space provided.
  2. Collect prizes of $599.99 or less at any Lottery Retailer.
  3. If you win any prize of $600 or more, claim prize at
    Montana Lottery Headquarters, 2525 North Montana Avenue, in Helena.
  4. You may also claim any prize by mail. Claim forms are
    available on the Lottery’s web site at www.montanalottery.com.
  5. All prizes must be claimed with six (6) months of the
    drawing for which the winning play was eligible.


Montana Lottery does not offer a subscription service.

Beneficiary Information

Since 1995, following legislative action, Montana Lottery proceeds have gone to the state’s General Fund. The General Fund provides money for state programs which do not have dedicated revenue sources, such as education, health, and public safety, to name a few.

Retailer Bonus Structure

Each retailer is entitled to a base commission of 5% of the face value of scratch tickets activated and not returned. Retailers who sell terminal issued tickets are entitled to a 5% commission of the face value of terminal issued tickets printed. However, to further the sale of lottery products, the lottery commission may adopt rules providing additional commissions to sales agents based on incremental sales.

Tax Information

For U.S. citizens furnishing Social Security numbers, we are required by law to withhold 10% state tax and 25% federal tax from any prize more than $5,000. Other scenarios apply for non-residents or those without a social security number.

State Fun Facts Information

  • “Montana” comes from the Latin and Spanish word for “mountainous.”
  • The headwaters of the nation’s longest river, the Missouri, is in Montana.
  • Helena, Montana’s state capital, had electricity one month before New York City, in August 1882.
  • The Montana town of Butte gave birth to the game of keno when a cigar store manager adapted it from a Chinese gambling game and then took it to Las Vegas.

Contact Information

Web Site: http://www.montanalottery.com
Email: montanalottery@mail.com
Address: 2525 North Montana Avenue
Helena, MT 59601
Phone Numbers: Phone: 406-444-5825

Fax: 406-444-5830

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