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Quick Pick

Intuition and luck! The coincidence of high levels of emotional and intellectual biorhythms associated with the flash of intuition! Such days are needed to play the lottery — the odds are very high!

Mega Millions: Delaware

Draw Stations

Not Available

How To Claim

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Delaware Lottery does not offer a subscription service.

Beneficiary Information

The Delaware Lottery contributes its profits to the State General Fund. The General Fund is the pool of dollars from taxes, Lottery profits, and other revenue sources that is used to fund the majority of state services in Delaware.

Retailer Bonus Structure

5% sales commission; 1% cashing commission, semi-annual sales incentive bonus; various bonuses for selling tickets winning jackpot prizes.

Tax Information

Federal withholding only at time of claim

State Fun Facts

Revenue generated for General Fund since 1975: more than $3 billion.

Revenue generated for General Fund for FY ending June 2009: $248 million.

Contact Information

Wayne Lemons, Director

Brian Peters, Deputy Director

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