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Quick Pick

Intuition and luck! The coincidence of high levels of emotional and intellectual biorhythms associated with the flash of intuition! Such days are needed to play the lottery — the odds are very high!

Mega Millions: Kansas

Draw Stations

Not Available

How To Claim

All prizes up to and including $599 may be claimed at most Kansas Lottery retail locations. Prizes over $599 must be claimed at the Great Bend regional office or Kansas Lottery headquarters in Topeka.

Kansas Lottery Players Club

Please follow this link to join the free Kansas Lottery Players Club.http://www.kslottery.com/PlayersClub/PlayersClubIntroPage.htm


Kansas Lottery does not offer a subscription service.

Beneficiary Information

Kansas Lottery beneficiaries include: Economic Development, Juvenile Detention Facilities, Correctional Institutions, State General Fund, Board of Regents Vocational and Technical Education, Aviation Research, and Veterans’ Programs.

Retailer Bonus Structure

5% selling commission; 1% cashing commission; $10,000 bonus for selling Mega Millions jackpot; $1,000 bonus for selling Mega Millions prize of $100,000 or more.

Tax Information

5% state tax
25% federal tax

Contact Information

Web Site: http://www.kslottery.com
Email: lotteryinfo@kslottery.net
Address: 128 N. Kansas Avenue
Topeka, KS 66603-3638
Phone Numbers: 1-785-296-5700

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