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Does Cartersville Know a Secret About Georgia Lottery Winning Numbers?

In a small town of just over 23 square miles you would not expect to find the secret to Georgia winning lottery numbers, but something seems to be going on there. Is it the people? Is it the location? Or is it just blind luck? We don't really have the answer, but looking at the facts makes you wonder.
Cartersville is a small town outside of Atlanta with a population of just under 20,000. Not exactly a hub of activity in the state, however it is becoming a popular place to visit. Some will visit for the history while others may want to visit the museums or hike the nature trail, but a very popular destination is actually a Citgo station with a sign that reads 'Lucky Marathon'.
That sign is the reason so many come visit. This particular station is where seven lottery tickets of at least $10,000 in winnings have been sold. They have sold a ticket that was a $1 million ticket and the latest in the line of winning numbers was an instant win worth $40,000!!!
It isn't just that particular store that is lucky either. Another store sold a ticket that won a man $193,000. He plans to save the money for his grandchildren. This man wasn't from Cartersville, but the next two in this run of luck are.
On December 10th a Cartersville man claimed his prize of $225, 091. Back in March of this year another man had the Georgia winning lottery numbers worth $400,000. This was his second time winning. The first time in 2007 brought him $50,000. He plans to split the money with his wife and do some traveling as well.
Georgia has four state run lotteries as well as four multi-state lotteries. The Powerball was introduced in January of this year and has been a huge success. Since the lottery began in the state it has done very well. They were able to pay back the startup costs within the first two weeks of beginning in 1992.
In the first five months they had already beaten their one year goal. Georgia has broken national records in sales and contributed $13.8 billion to their state's education over the last 19 years. The real winners are the students who benefit from the lotteries.
There still seems to be some pretty good odds that if you go through Cartersville and buy yourself a ticket you may just find you have Georgia winning lottery numbers and will get to bring home some nice money!

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