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And The Mega Millions Winning Numbers For Today Are…

The statement “the Mega Millions winning numbers for today…” has changed so many lives since the Mega Millions game overtook “The Big Game” in September of 1996. Mega millions jackpot winners are paid in 26 equal annual installments or a cash value option. With the average jackpot for Mega Millions at $115.18 million, it is not hard to see why Mega Millions has been around since 1996 and why MSLU participating lotteries are rushing to add the game. There are plenty of stories to show how hearing those words changed people’s lives and this article will highlight several of those stories.
One story involves a man and girlfriend from Massachusetts. After hearing “the Mega Millions winning numbers for today…” Candido and his girlfriend’s lives were changed forever. Candidio had purchased just one $1.00 dollar ticket, and won $32 million. Candido was unemployed and looking for a long time when the jackpot was won. When asked if he planned on playing again after winning he smiled and replied “No…I wouldn’t want to be too greedy” (Source: http://www.megamillions.com).
Another story comes from a trio of hardworking everyday individuals from New York. When Freddie Hands, Ronald Edwards, and Douglas Tedford heard the words, “the Mega Millions winning number for today…” their lives had changed forever. The three blue-collar workers (one job setter and two machinists) each took home an equal share of the jackpot lump sum value and received a check for $3.73 million. Each worker, older than 40 years old had a different idea of what to do with their winnings. Freddie wanted to buy his wife a new car, Ronald wanted to go back and finish a biology degree, and Tedford wanted to set aside money for his children’s education adding, “I want to see them get ahead…I want them to go one better than me.” (Source: http://www.megamillions.com).
Finally, a third story comes from a young Jamaican woman named Garina Fearon from Brooklyn, New York. When, Garina heard the words, “the Mega Millions winning numbers for today…” her life was changed forever. Hysterically, Garina just wanted to buy a newspaper and a Powerball ticket from her local convenience store. Talking to reporters, Garina jokingly stated, “I did neither”. What she thought was a Powerball ticket was actually a two dollar Mega Millions ticket. The following Monday, Garina had noticed that she had won and displayed a moment of insanity standing in the parking lot of her work running and screaming around the parking lot. Garina chose a one-time payment and received a check for $22.7 million.
In summary, it was Candido who was going to help his family in his native land. It was Freddie who was going to help his wife get a new car. It was Ronald who was going to help society by finishing a biology degree. It was Tedford who was going to ensure that his children ‘go one better’ than he did. And finally, it was Gorina, who said that she will be able to put worries aside and focus solely on her child. Candido, the New York trio, and Garina, all had their lives changed by hearing the words “the Mega Millions winning numbers for today…”; but, each of them also said something that is going to change lives of people around them as well. Please share your thoughts about this article on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn and do not forget to post a copy of this article on the site.

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