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The Georgia lottery mega millions game is a real peach!

The Georgia lottery mega millions game is a real peach! It is the premier game in the Georgia State Lottery family of games. You crave a challenge; this is the game for you! In the Georgia lottery mega millions game, you could win 10,000, 250,000, or up to a million dollars or more with a single game play card! And your jackpot total could be virtually unlimited! The overall odds of winning are much less than you would think. And you can't win a prize until you play the game. Are you feeling lucky? You can pick your own numbers or let the computer pick them for you. The choice is up to you. How much challenge do you want? Just play as many times as you like for only one dollar per game play. Each ticket.
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Does Cartersville Know a Secret About Georgia Lottery Winning Numbers?

In a small town of just over 23 square miles you would not expect to find the secret to Georgia winning lottery numbers, but something seems to be going on there. Is it the people? Is it the location? Or is it just blind luck? We don't really have the answer, but looking at the facts makes you wonder. Cartersville is a small town outside of Atlanta with a population of just under 20,000. Not exactly a hub of activity in the state, however it is becoming a popular place to visit. Some will visit for the history while others may want to visit the museums or hike the nature trail, but a very popular destination is actually a Citgo station with a sign that reads 'Lucky Marathon'. That sign is the reason so many come visit..
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