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California Lottery Past Winning Numbers: Wealthy Overnight

The California Lottery past winning numbers have made everyday individuals extremely wealthy overnight. To illustrate, California's webpage has four highlighted stories of individuals who have purchased and won on California lottery past winning numbers.

The first story is about James Ford. James is a retired postal worker who works in a local feed store. Recently James and his wife loss their 41 year old son to a stroke, but accepted that it was meant to be since he was taken so early. It is that sentiment James and his wife used to carry the weight of having California lottery past winning numbers and winning a fortune. On the ticket, James and his wife (who he will give half to) won $1 million. James told reporters about having the California lottery past winning numbers, 'I scratched it off, and I just broke down'I got teary eyed and choked up. I could hardly believe it'. Well, with a $1 million, James can believe that his days of working are over and that he is the newest California millionaire.

The second story is about Michael Rule. Michael Rule is African-American, married with a daughter, and a Campbell's Soup machinist from Sacramento. Michael's story is touching because Michael only purchased tickets once a week and when he won, never checked the California Lottery past winning numbers of the weekly tickets he purchased. In fact, when Michael was walking into the convenience store to purchase the next set of lottery tickets, the clerk was adamant about him checking his previous tickets to see if the matched the California Lottery past winning numbers. Michael eventually checked and seen that he and his wife would win $250,000 for matching five numbers. Michael told this to reporters about winning and his wife thinking only four numbers were matched, 'I had to point out [that] five [numbers matched] and [they were] worth $250,000, and then all H-E-double L broke loose' (Source: www.calottery.com). Michael said that he was going to pay bills and debt down and then invest the rest since he was losing his job soon. If Michael makes the right investment decisions, he and his family will never have to worry about the possibility of being laid off ever gain.

The final story is about Alfredo Jauregui. Alfredo Jauregui is a Navy Reservist who won the rolled over total of a Monday drawing on Tuesday. In fact, Alfredo learned that a person in his area of California had won from the nightly local news just before he played three bowling league games. Alfredo told reporters about the wait he had before he looked at his tickets. He told them, 'I bowled the worst three games of my life because I was anxious ' I just wanted to check those tickets,' (Source: www.calottery.com). When he and his wife checked later that night after he got home, they both realized that they won 50% of the top prize; $195,947. There was no information if Alfredo was going to stop being a reservist but one thing is for sure; he and his family will live comfortably until duty calls in the future.

In short, California Lottery past winning numbers have made people wealthy, changed lives, touched individuals emotionally, and erased doubtful thoughts about possibly winning. In other words, one can say that California Lottery past winning numbers give every Californian a chance to live like a movie star and then some. Please share James, Michael, and Alfredo's stories on your Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn with other friends and family.

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