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Intuition and luck! The coincidence of high levels of emotional and intellectual biorhythms associated with the flash of intuition! Such days are needed to play the lottery — the odds are very high!


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Lottery Winner Stories

Speaking of Lottery Winner Stories sometimes is exciting and also heart rendering too. As there are winners and there are winners who lose also after they win due to immoral living and real bad choices in life. I can relate to the dream of having so much money that it seems all of your problems would go away. So lets talk about the Winners! Winning $50 million dollars seems like a dream come true doesn't it? Sure, pay off all the bills and help your immediate family and pay for schooling and buy cars for family seems like the thing to do. But if a person wins that has no real depth of soul and has not learned how to live proper before money comes into their life how are they going to be able.
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Lottery Winner Previously Won North Dakota Lottery

Lottery Winner Previously Won North Dakota Lottery John Smith is a lottery winner for the second time. Not only did he correctly pick all six Md lottery winning numbers in last night's Super Lotto drawing but he did the same thing in the North Dakota lottery back in 2009 Mr. Smith, 34, of Baltimore, has won a multi-million dollar lottery twice. After winning the North Dakota lottery, Mr. Smith retired from his job as a convenience store clerk in Bismark and moved to Baltimore to be closer to his favorite food, Crab Cakes.. In an interview with Valley Today anchor Lisa Budeau form KVLY tv in Fargo, North Dakota, Smith said he was first introduced to Crab Cakes while watching Sponge Bob Square Pants cartoons on TV. This peaked his interest enough to.
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Keeping Up With FLA Lottery.com

Florida residents stay up to date with all things lottery via FLA lottery.com! No matter what the need may be with finding winning information and updates with the lotto, you can definitely find it here. People depend on this information to be updated on it's expected scheduled time also. This is the way in which most people choose to check winning numbers now. Waiting for the television or newspaper announcements are moreso the old fashioned way. People want to be swift and keep up with it on their own personal schedules now. The Florida lotto market is just as competitive as any of the others. When you think about it, any game for riches to be won will be super competitive. Everyone wants the same outcome in the end; everyone has the same goal. If you.
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Indiana Lottery

'A chance to win dollars through Indiana Lottery' The state of Indiana offers 9 main games to play for the gambler within us for every day of the week. There are daily Pick 3, Pick 4, Pick 5 and Pick 6 numbers games where winners are paid every day, and 2 biweekly games; Mega Millions where the player picks 5 with a Mega Ball and a 'Megaplier' number. The Indiana Lottery is also incorporated into the interstate Power Ball jackpot whereupon 5 numbers are picked along with the Power Ball number. Typical Jackpots are in the $500 range for the Indiana Lottery Pick 3 game, and in the $5000 range for the Pick 4 game. The Easy 5 game pays out in the $50,000 range to the player that matches the 5.
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Mover over Mega Millions, the Illinois Powerball is coming to Town

The Illinois Powerball has been active in Illinois for only two years and already has a major impact on the revenue of Mega Millions. The impact on Mega Millions sales is a negative impact that was not expected. When the Multi-State Lottery Association and Mega Millions lottery participants agreed to sell Mega Millions and the Powerball games side by side in the collective forty-four state lotteries; they did so with the intention of increasing the sales of each group's respective game. In other words, mega million states thought that by adding Powerball more revenue would occur for each game and Powerball only states thought that by adding Mega Millions more revenue would occur for each game. Although it would seem to make sense that more sales of each would occur if you sold them side.
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