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Lottery Winner Previously Won North Dakota Lottery

Lottery Winner Previously Won North Dakota Lottery
John Smith is a lottery winner for the second time. Not only did he correctly pick all six Md lottery winning numbers in last night's Super Lotto drawing but he did the same thing in the North Dakota lottery back in 2009
Mr. Smith, 34, of Baltimore, has won a multi-million dollar lottery twice.
After winning the North Dakota lottery, Mr. Smith retired from his job as a convenience store clerk in Bismark and moved to Baltimore to be closer to his favorite food, Crab Cakes.. In an interview with Valley Today anchor Lisa Budeau form KVLY tv in Fargo, North Dakota, Smith said he was first introduced to Crab Cakes while watching Sponge Bob Square Pants cartoons on TV. This peaked his interest enough to order some crab cakes at a local sea food restaurant and he was smittened.
'I have never experienced such culinary joy as I did when I tried Crab Cakes. I just couldn't get enough' exclaimed Smith. Upon doing some research on the subject of Crab Cakes, Smith discovered that one of the best Crab Cakes in the world came from Baltimore. Smith made it his lifelong dream to move to Baltimore to be closer to his beloved seafood concoction. When, by chance, a customer at the convenience store he worked gave him a one dollar tip for helping carry her groceries to her car, Smith purchased a lottery ticket with his recent windfall and won the grand prize of 57.3 million dollars.
Smith became something of a local legend in the Bismark area and maintains a summer cottage at the McKenzie Slough State Game Management Area
'I can't believe my good fortune' says Smith. 'First I discover Crab Cakes, then I get a tip for helping a woman with her packages, then I win the North Dakota Lottery, then I get to go to Baltimore any time I want to get some fresh crab cakes, and while I'm in Baltimore, I win the lottery again. I think I'll write a book or a screenplay about my life. ' Smith said. Well there are lots of people in North Dakota and Baltimore who might be interested in what his secret is for his exceptional good luck.
In a side note, photos of Mr. Smith have been circulated throughout the gaming and casino community here in the US and abroad, to beware of Mr. Smith's presence in their establishments. Mr. Smith has contacted the ACLU to explore the legality of the casino action.
'Hey' says Smith, 'don't hate me because I'm lucky'.
As is so often the case with a huge influx of money to an individual, Smith has received a multitude of request for contributions from friends, relatives and organizations trying to help John dispose of some of his wealth, 'In the name of tax write offs and good publicity'. Mr. Smith has been forced to set up a foundation to properly and fairly address these request. The John E. Smith Crab Cake Lovers and Eaters Foundation has been established with branches in North Dakota and Maryland. Please address all request to the foundation.

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