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Quick Pick

Intuition and luck! The coincidence of high levels of emotional and intellectual biorhythms associated with the flash of intuition! Such days are needed to play the lottery — the odds are very high!

Lottery Winner Stories

Speaking of Lottery Winner Stories sometimes is exciting and also heart rendering too. As there are winners and there are winners who lose also after they win due to immoral living and real bad choices in life. I can relate to the dream of having so much money that it seems all of your problems would go away. So lets talk about the Winners!

Winning $50 million dollars seems like a dream come true doesn't it? Sure, pay off all the bills and help your immediate family and pay for schooling and buy cars for family seems like the thing to do. But if a person wins that has no real depth of soul and has not learned how to live proper before money comes into their life how are they going to be able to handle such large amounts of cash? It is a fact of life that not everyone is brought up with a sense of right and wrong in life. A sense of what is the right thing to do in a certain situation. Life does have boundaries and hopefully many know this who play the Lottery.

For example the couple in Mo. who recently won, Mark and Cindy Hill, seem like the perfect couple to have won the Jackpot and be able to keep their heads. I am making an assumption but in studying the Hill's, they seem the type of people with values and morals already in place having lived a full life already and the win they had is simply an extension of an already successful life. Some of the stories I have read in my research has pointed out to me the need to make a plan and to hire paid advisers to help you before you pick up your winnings.

We need to realize that just because you have a wonderful windfall of winning the Powerball Draw for instance does not make you wise. In fact if you do not have a good base in your life in some cases some past winners reported that winning has ruined their life. That is incredible but it adds up to me, values in life are important and if one does not have good sound values they live adding tons of money onto that only makes your life want to tip over like a ship not loaded properly. That is a ship you do not want to be on.

So we have discovered the act of winning the Jackpot does not always mean life is going to change for the better. So I have hope in you as your reading this story and as your still reading you either agree with me wholeheartedly or you maybe never heard of such a thing and our curious, that is ok too.

Lottery winner Stories are both victories and can be tragic also. I am not going to mention names but some past winners had their lives so messed up that they ended up taking their own lives. The pressure of trying to please others with your wealth was to much for them to handle. Remember I talked of having a solid base in life and since your reading this I am thinking you would like to improve yourself in life so that when you do win you can handle it and be able to enjoy being a lottery winner and your life can go down as one of the truly lucky ones and forever be in the hall of Lottery winner stories.

So I guess the moral of the story is to first try to build your self a good solid foundation and when good fortune comes such as being a lottery winner comes along you can handle it with ease and your life can be one of the good lottery winner stories!

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