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Intuition and luck! The coincidence of high levels of emotional and intellectual biorhythms associated with the flash of intuition! Such days are needed to play the lottery — the odds are very high!

The Connecticut lottery contributes millions of dollars to the state. Have you played today?

For former State Representative John Miscikoski, seeing the Connecticut lottery become a reality was everything. Many lotteries throughout the country are started with the hope that the revenue generated from the sale of tickets could greatly benefit the states. With contributions to the Connecticut State's General Fund exceeding $7.2 billion, John Miscikoski's belief came to fruition. During the 2011 fiscal year, the state received contributions in excess of $289.3 million from the Connecticut lottery. These funds were used to support valuable programs throughout the state. Some of the programs that received a portion of the 2011 funds included Medicaid, the Connecticut Department of Education, Connecticut's Department of Human Services as well as a handful of other important public departments.
There are eight different lottery games that Connecticut residents can participate in. Along with the multi-state mega lotteries Powerball and Mega Millions, Connecticut offers four Connecticut-only, regularly drawn games. If the twice-weekly drawings for Powerball and Mega Millions doesn't offer enough of an opportunity to win some cash, Connecticut has it covered. With daily drawings, Play 3, Play 4, and Cash 5 all offer participants the opportunity to take home some extra cash. For those that like the format of the Powerball and Mega Millions games, the Classic Lotto, Connecticut's very own jackpot game, conducts its drawings every Tuesday and Friday nights. The jackpot for the Classic Lotto starts at a million dollars and increases based on the sale of tickets. With the long history of lottery games being played in Connecticut, the lottery office introduced a new game in 2010. Playing off the popular raffle-style games, the Connecticut lottery introduced its residents to the Super Draw game. Held just twice a year, the Super Draw game gives participants the opportunity to walk away with the one million dollar jackpot.

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