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Connecticut Lottery

'The Connecticut Lottery a chance to win dollars' The state of Connecticut offers main 7 games to play for the gambler within us for every day of the week. There are daily Connecticut Lottery Pick 3, Pick 4, and Pick 5 numbers games where winners are paid every day, and 2 biweekly games; Mega Millions where the player picks 5 with a Mega Ball and a 'Megaplier' number. The Connecticut Lottery is also incorporated into the interstate Power Ball jackpot whereupon 5 numbers are picked along with the Power Ball number. Typical Jackpots are in the $500 range for the Connecticut Lottery Pick 3 game, and in the $5000 range for the Pick 4 game. The Cash 5 game pays out in the $100,000 range to the player that matches the 5.
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The Connecticut lottery contributes millions of dollars to the state. Have you played today?

For former State Representative John Miscikoski, seeing the Connecticut lottery become a reality was everything. Many lotteries throughout the country are started with the hope that the revenue generated from the sale of tickets could greatly benefit the states. With contributions to the Connecticut State's General Fund exceeding $7.2 billion, John Miscikoski's belief came to fruition. During the 2011 fiscal year, the state received contributions in excess of $289.3 million from the Connecticut lottery. These funds were used to support valuable programs throughout the state. Some of the programs that received a portion of the 2011 funds included Medicaid, the Connecticut Department of Education, Connecticut's Department of Human Services as well as a handful of other important public departments. There are eight different lottery games that Connecticut residents can participate in. Along with the multi-state mega.
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