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Mega Millions Florida Could Be A Win Fall for Floridians

Mega Millions Florida is not a reality in the State of Florida just yet; but the state leadership is very seriously considering the possibilities. The possibilities arising from adding another state lottery game like Mega Millions to the revenue train would be a win fall for Floridians. Not because of winnings, but because of having more choices and expanded freedoms to purchase new products. These win falls cannot be described by talking about Florida's lottery, how many winners it produces in the state, or its' contribution to government programs. Instead, this article will talk about the two economic principles of choice and freedom and why they are a win fall for Floridians.
First, when Florida decides to create Mega Millions Florida, consumers of lottery games across the state will have a new choice of game. In general, anytime choice is entered into the free market, it tends to increase competition and a market's satisfying power. In this case, Floridians are given the choice of one national game (Powerball) and haven't had a jackpot winner since the games addition in 2009. Since the lure of lottery games are jackpots, Floridians are anxious to receive another choice of product such as Mega Millions Florida. This additional choice would satisfy more of the lottery buying market. For example, there would be another jackpot to go after and the amount of small winners would increase.
Secondly, when the Florida government decides to create Mega Millions Florida, they will have expanded freedom to several million lottery players across the state. As of now, the State of Florida restricts the selling and purchasing of the Mega Millions game within the state's borders. However put, a restriction of anything is restricting freedom: no matter if that freedom is to gamble, speak, or believe what you want. Extending freedom to millions of Floridians is a great thing. When freedom enters into a market, consumers make purchase decisions based on their needs and resources. For example, when the restrictions to purchase Mega Millions Florida are lifted, consumers will purchase the game only if they feel the jackpot is worth it, the game can be afforded, or if they like the game at all. To keep one game out of the state when there are two others in similar taste currently active, defies logic and goes against the very powerful economic concept of freedom.
In closing, this is not an article about financial win falls but rather collective economic win falls of freedom and choice. These two principles are good no matter where they are found. If they are good enough for harmful products like alcohol and OTC narcotics, then they ought to be good enough for a Mega Millions Florida addition to the state's long list of lottery games. What do you think? Should Florida consumers of lottery games be allowed to play any lottery they choose? Whether you agree or disagree, please post a copy of this article and share your thoughts and opinions on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn with friends, family, and co-workers.

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