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NY Mega Millions

Lets discuss John Gillen winner of the April 13, 2011 win of the NY Mega Millions Jackpot and what he has done and needs to do with all of that money. The NY Mega Millions is played by many hopeful players and April 15th of 2011 Was no different except that day John Gillen of Staten Island New York watched the televised drawing and could not believe his eyes after number after number of his was being drawn. He was so surprised he could not believe he had the winning numbers so he had his family check for him. Gillen, a sixty-nine-year-old retired New York City Transit Authority driver/dispatcher from Staten Island had this to say about his winning strategy and summed it up this way, think small. He had wanted to win a few dollars so he.
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The CA Mega Millions Winning Numbers

Everyone who plays the lottery in California knows that the *CA Mega Millions Winning Numbers* are only good if they are winning. While there is no real formula to determine any form of winning stragedy, there is still the prospect of guessing the winning numbers in various ways. These methods may include favorite numbers or the birthdates of a lotto players family members. While these may not be the most conventional ways of obtaining the winning numbers, they nonetheless do serve a benefit to the lotto players. However, if a player wishes to know what numbers would be best to choose in an upcoming California Mega Millions game, it would best to search online. The reason being is that the most frequent numbers which appear in any Mega Millions game would more times than not appear as.
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Montana Lottery

Now if your anything like me you want to win the Montana Lottery and all of their millions. What a life changing event that would be! All we need to do is to pick out numbers and go to the local lottery store and put your money down and hope for the best. So you say that is nice but has anybody won it and can I do that too? Ok, Fair question, lets talk about that now. A point I would like to make is about what if I win the Montana Lottery? Then what? How do I handle all that money? My dreams just came true and after the initial excitement wears off that thought hits you, what do I do now? We all have the dream of paying off our bills, quitting the.
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Megamillions NY and the Winner is'

It sure would be nice to have my name show up as the Winner what about you? Certainly I would love to win the Mega Millions the state lotteries are offering. Here is a story or two of recent winners and a discussion about winning and how it can change your life. Back in May 2012 we had 17 second place winners, worth $250,000 each. That is not the mega millions we are striving for but none the less not to shabby. That's enough money to change their lives so they can breathe easy on easy street from now on. Twelve workers at Fuji sushi restaurant on Queens Boulevard pooled their cash together to buy the Mega Millions ticket, they are very happy today with their winnings. One of the winners in struggling to put together words of.
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Mega lotto What would you do if you won?

If you won the MegaLotto what would you do? Here we can discuss the many options we would have as choices and decisions would of necessity need to be made. So would you buy your dream house? Would you go back to school? Or send a loved one off to school? Would you hit the links everyday or maybe take that long awaited family vacation? Certainly you need to think of these things and the purpose of this article is to give you suggestions and direction for you in case you win, you lucky dog! So what will you do? A family vacation sounds very nice to do but what of children? Do you have school age children? The children's needs have to be thought of if your going to be a stand up person and love.
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