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Intuition and luck! The coincidence of high levels of emotional and intellectual biorhythms associated with the flash of intuition! Such days are needed to play the lottery — the odds are very high!

Montana Lottery

Now if your anything like me you want to win the Montana Lottery and all of their millions. What a life changing event that would be! All we need to do is to pick out numbers and go to the local lottery store and put your money down and hope for the best. So you say that is nice but has anybody won it and can I do that too? Ok, Fair question, lets talk about that now.

A point I would like to make is about what if I win the Montana Lottery? Then what? How do I handle all that money? My dreams just came true and after the initial excitement wears off that thought hits you, what do I do now? We all have the dream of paying off our bills, quitting the job and maybe buying that big house on the hill. Flying away to some tropical paradise to live life out under a palm tree. But how do we make this happen soundly and how do I now protect this great asset I won?

A good tip would be to surround yourself with experts and fee based professionals to help with your financial decisions you need to make. Once you and your experts have decided how to claim your money, either a lump sum or a one time payout then it would be time to take your winning ticket to the nearest Lottery Office to claim your winnings. A very exciting time. Expect them to want to take your picture with a huge check that you and maybe your spouse would hold. Lots of handshaking and pats on the back for being so good at picking numbers out may be an experience you will have.

Now you may want your name not published and they will abide by your wishes but some states have a thing called public records. Your name may become part of a public record for winning the Montana Lottery. The gaming commissions can’t change this as the recent winner from Arizona found out after a news organization ask for the public record and learned of the man who won and went and interviewed him. They learned the amount he won and the payout amount and other personal things. So being prepared for this event will and can be helpful to you so your know what to say and what you don’t want to say to the media.

So now you have claimed your payout of the Montana Lottery you will want to settle up with your fee based professionals and any expert you hired to help you. I can imagine this is the time to surround yourself with your family and close friends to help you celebrate your good fortune. Party on dude as they say! Just try to remember in this very exciting time to keep yourself steady. Keep your close family nearby for your support system and relish this good time and really enjoy your loved ones.

If your married you and your spouse may want to take some time off and go on a vacation to continue to celebrate your good fortune. Just try to relax and enjoy yourself, after all now all of your financial worries are over so that one nagging bill you had can now be taken care of and behind you. The freedom to not have to worry about your next paycheck or how your going to pay the rent is over. Imagine the freedom you must now have. The freedom to maybe stay in bed an extra hour if you need to. The freedom to go buy a car if you need a new car. Maybe pay off your child’s college bill. Maybe they have a new baby on the way and now you can provide a college fund for them or maybe you want to go get that degree you always dreamed of getting. All of this is now possible as you’re the winner of the Montana Lottery! You lucky dog you!

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