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The New York Lottery Promotes Responsible Gaming

The New York Lottery wants players to be aware that Lottery games are meant for fun and entertainment purposes, while supporting the education system. The New York Lottery realizes that any form of gambling can pose a problem for some people. Therefore, the Responsible Gaming Awareness Program has been put in place to acknowledge the New York Lottery's commitment to addressing gambling addiction problems.
Some of the ways the New York Lottery's Responsible Gaming Program aims its efforts at awareness include:
' Providing gambling referral information to all retailers
' Publicizing toll-free help line phone numbers at retailer locations, as well as on playing cards and tickets, and on all gambling machines and signs
' Promoting awareness on relevant websites and airing radio and television advertisements
' Enforcing a mandatory age restriction of 18+ for purchasing game tickets
' Participating in the World Lottery Association Responsible Gaming Framework certification process
' Training facilities and staff on the awareness of problem gambling

The New York Lottery wants to remind people that problem gambling is an important issue that they are concerned about and actively promoting awareness of.

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