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Tennessee Powerball and why you want to play

The Tennessee Powerball has not had many mega winners but has produced at least one early in its existence. There have been many winners of the lesser amounts such as $100,000 or $150,000 and many $10,000 dollar winners also. Not to shabby in my mind. So here we will discuss the Tennesee Powerball and why you would want to play.

Powerball has given players an opportunity to win one of nine different cash prizes, including a multimillion-dollar jackpot. Many natives of Tennesee have won over the years since is inception and we have even had at least one Powerball winner over the years. Of course when the pot begins to grow huge many people come out to place their bets in hopes of winning mega big. The chance to win Multiple millions tends to bring out the gambler in all of us it seems.

One thing that seems to stand out to me is if you win that person needs to take their time in claiming their payout until consulting with a fee based adviser. Having an adviser to start with can help the person make wise choices as wisdom is needed here in this situation.

Many have won and then lost everything because they were not prepared to handle such large sums of money. You know there is a limit to how much you get no matter how many millions are involved. If it is the number ten then you can oply go to ten before running out. If it is a million you still can only use a million and then you have no more if you spend it all. Many have won and were not prepared to make sound decisions and this is why I say to find a paid adviser, at least for the short term so that you can make a sound decision concerning your winnings. I know I know, you just won and it is time to celebrate but some prudent planning can be of great value to you for the rest of your life and the others that count on you.

The tendency of course after winning the Powerball would be to go kinda nuts for a short time. I mean this is a big deal so emotions are going to be flying high and this is exactly why you would want to seek out a financial adviser first even before you claim your winnings. Some recent winners were wise like this and sought after advice from paid consul and learned that if they took a one time payoff they would save a ton on taxes. As in 2013 the tax rate for winnings is going up thanks to our tax happy government. So by taking a lump sum the recent winners save themselves all of those future taxes. Better to take your winnings now and then invest them yourself, with advice of course, then to just let the Government take most of it.

A winner has many options in how they can invest there new found wealth. One good way is to place portions of it in bank accounts that earn interest as then you have income from the money in the account. With the mega millions one can win in the Tennessee Powerball this makes good sense to me. Maybe your adviser would advise you to buy certain stocks or bonds. Diversification seems to be a good way to go.

Real estate seems kind of low now but even that turns out to be volatile so caution would be a good word to use at any time concerning investments. Avoid the long lost relatives that seem to show up after a huge mega win. Maybe unavoidable but one thing to keep in mind. If it were me I would have my paid advisers on a short time fee structure and not keep any of them long term as then they may be to comfortable with you and worse you may be to comfortable with them.

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