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Intuition and luck! The coincidence of high levels of emotional and intellectual biorhythms associated with the flash of intuition! Such days are needed to play the lottery — the odds are very high!

Louisiana Lottery Numbers

'A chance to win dollars through Louisiana Lottery Numbers'
The state of Louisiana offers six main games to play for the gambler within us for every day of the week.
There are daily Pick 3, and Pick 4 numbers games where winners are paid every day, and 3 biweekly games; Easy 5, Lotto a pick 6 digits game, Mega Millions where the player picks 5 with a Mega Ball and a 'Megaplier' number. Louisiana Lottery Numbers are also incorporated into the interstate Power Ball jackpot whereupon 5 numbers are picked along with the Power Ball number.
Typical Jackpots are in the $500 range for the Louisiana Lottery Numbers Pick 3 game, and in the $5000 range for the Pick 4 game. The Easy 5 game pays out in the $70,000 range to the player that matches the 5 digits of Louisiana Lottery Numbers for that day.
Biweekly payouts of $300,000 can be won playing the LOTTO pick 6 digit game with tens of millions up for grabs for the Mega Millions Louisiana Lottery Numbers player twice a week.
The Power Ball jackpots, being funded by participating state affiliate lotteries has a 100's of million dollar jack pot once the game is in procession for a short while.
Louisiana Lottery Numbers are picked based on the gamblers gut feelings of circumstances and accounting from their daily life such a numbers that pop up naturally within a given day throughout the gamblers every day experiences, many times a player plays their fixed favorite set of predetermined set of 3,4 and 5 digits every day hoping to hit the jackpot.
For the biweekly games, due to the large number of possibilities allowed to pick a number from, many gamblers choose to play family members birthdays and anniversaries into the Louisiana Lottery numbers on a fixed basis hoping to cash in on their selected numbers some days drawing. Many customers use the easy pick method when playing the biweekly games where the point of sale machine generates a number sequence for the lotto customer.
The best strategy is to play many of the State Lottery games and not to play many chances on just one game since there is just one winner per game, whereupon betting many chances on just one game improves your chances of winning, but only one ticket of your investment for a given game can win thus making all the other purchased tickets losers.
All Louisiana Lottery Number games cost just one dollar to enter the drawing making participation affordable by all walks of life for fun and fortune they are available at grocery stores and party stores the more a person plays increases their chances of being a winner of 500 to 500 million dollars.
The State of Louisiana invites players to play online on the internet and track the previous games winning numbers. More than half of the Louisiana Lottery Numbers prize money is given to the prize winner, there has been over 3 billion awarded to jack pot winners since the Louisiana State Lottery inception.
The Louisiana Minimum Foundation Program receives at least 35% of proceeds to fund state k-12 education, public health, and hospital health programs.
One third of proceeds get paid back to the 2,800 Louisiana Lottery Number sales retailers with $21.3 million being paid out in 2011 in sales and bonus commissions. TEW

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