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Quick Pick

Intuition and luck! The coincidence of high levels of emotional and intellectual biorhythms associated with the flash of intuition! Such days are needed to play the lottery — the odds are very high!

Idaho Powerball

Time is ticking.  $1 million of unclaimed lottery winnings.  The Idaho Powerball winner has 2 days remaining to claim!

Can you imagine, finding a lottery ticket after the expiry date?  Even worse, can you imagine knowing you played the exact, same numbers that won but couldn’t find your ticket?  Well somebody out there is running out of time to claim $1 million.  I myself nearly won the lottery once and received a modest amount of winnings at $4000.  I was distraught!  Just one more number and I would have won over $1 million!  For a good eight weeks, I could not stop thinking to myself how different my life would have been had I just got one more number.  Eight weeks of misery.  I went through everything I would have bought, businesses I would have launched and people I would have helped.  Should have, would have, could not have!

Can’t we do more for these people out there who are wondering around, potentially worrying about where their next dollar is coming from, with completely no clue that they are millionaires!  Don’t we feel for these people?  There’s an Idaho Powerball winner out there, somewhere with less than 2 days to claim their winnings.

SPREAD THE WORD, it could be you one day, or me even.  You social media junkies out there, you know you want to.  Although as human beings, we can’t help but watch a train wreck and some of us (just some of us) would find it entertaining to know that someone had foolishly missed out on what would be a life changing opportunity for most of us.

I’m talking to you, yes you.  There’s an unclaimed Idaho Powerball ticket purchased in Meridian.  If you bought a lottery ticket any point before the 20th June 2012, for the love of God, check your pockets!  You are only doing a small favour for a blessing of wealth for someone out there.  Unless you think it’s meant to be? Maybe it’s best this person never claims?

$640 million was the largest lottery win recorded.  I am sure we could all think of many positive aspects of a lottery win, but what are the negatives?  A Welshman, in 2006 won nearly $2 million, he of course left his job in McDonalds but had to return just 18 months later after blowing his winnings on holidays, marriage and a new house.  Ouch, back to reality, that may have hurt!

‘Winning the lottery was the worst thing that ever happened to me.’  Let us not forget about the words of Billy Bob Harrell.  He won $31 million, lived a lavish lifestyle with 6 homes, multiple cars and then after spending on luxury and falling in to the trap of loaning money, he found himself in the need of loans for himself and later committed suicide.  A terrible ending to what started so amazingly.  A dream come true turned in to a nightmare.  A human being chose to end his life after having what most assume to be the key to happiness – lots and lots of money!

So do we still think it’s best to help this unknown person find their destiny.  Well not all winners end up in tragedy.  There are so many stories we hear of true happiness and rags to riches tear jerkers.  The son of two factory workers from Snellville, Teddy LeBarge in 2003 couldn’t have been more appreciative and happy to not only have won the jackpot of $193 million, he spent his money wisely receiving annual instalments making it a little harder for him to lose his winnings.

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