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Quick Pick

Intuition and luck! The coincidence of high levels of emotional and intellectual biorhythms associated with the flash of intuition! Such days are needed to play the lottery — the odds are very high!

Have you ever wondered how to make your dreams come true and support your local education system at the same time?

Then your big winning number ticket could be one step away by playing the illustrious Sc education lottery! Every one of us has dreamed of playing our local lottery system and landing that one lucky ticket that would erase all our debts and let us do whatever we wanted and not have to work again. There are even some of us that pin our hopes on that winning number ticket will be ours when we buy our ticket with our weekly paycheck like were a child buying our first soda. It continually eludes most of us like a thief in the night but we keep trying with that small glimmer of hope to catch the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow and win millions!

Speaking of millions, the Sc education lottery has numerous games you can try your lucky hand at to win that elusive mass mega millions that would erase all to most of our financial problems for good. The Sc education lottery has one of their most notable games known as Mega Millions with Megaplier where every five matches you get as long as you have the Megaplier ball purchased you will win a Million dollars! No matter the Megaplier ball number that is drawn! You could skyrocket yourself to mass mega millions status and exotic locales and simultaneously know that the proceeds from the sale of your lottery game ticket are funding educational programs of all shapes and sizes throughout South Carolina!

The Sc education lottery is one hundred percent committed to the funding and support of all major educational programs from kindergarten through college. Since the start of the lottery in 2002 they have contributed over 3.1 billionaire dollars to the state of South Carolina to distribute as they see fit to the educational programs that are in the most need. Over four percent of every dollar you spend with the Sc education lottery goes to support numerous initiatives throughout South Carolina from upgrading school buses and computer technology or scholarship funds for those special students that reach a little higher or need that extra boost to get them on their journey to Oz on that golden yellow brick road because those children you are helping out will be the ones forging bigger and brighter futures for South Carolina education and the state.

When you are in the office starting that infamous lottery pool for the week, do not decide on just any lottery that everyone plays. Choose wisely with your dollars and your coworkers and play a lottery that not only supports your gorgeous state that you reside in, but also has your hard earned dollars that you spend on the tickets go further than any of you could ever imagine. It will help to keep the children of tomorrow ready to take on the latest technologies and trends in a globally expansive world where we all are connected through education.

So you! Yea you reading this article! Stop sitting there and grab your lucky winning number and your coworkers. Drive on down to your local grocery store or gas station, purchase your mass mega millions tickets and don't forget the Megaplier ball for more chances to win big! Finally when you have the tickets in your hand, drive by your local school or community center and feel fantastic about yourself knowing that you are helping some of the children and people that need it most.

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